April 9, 2014

spring vines Apr 2014Spring has arrived in the valley. The vines are starting to show green. And with that, a new season begins.

And also a new year for Mas de la Lionne, with a number of changes in the works: First, the NEW new website…coming real soon! This new site will have a new look and feel to it…similar to the Tours du Rhone website, AND it will have a brand new capability: You will be able to BUY Mas de la Lionne wines IN THE U.S!!! I have teamed up with a company in California which specializes in importing wines from small European and Canadian producers. This company then also acts as the e-commerce retail arm. So, to buy the wine, you go onto the Mas de la Lionne website and follow the “Buy our Wine” buttons to the shopping cart. And, VOILA!, the wine will be shipped directly to you. Pretty cool, huh!! We are working to have the wine pysically in the U.S. (Bay Area) by mid-summer…so watch for more details!! And in other news. Some of you may have seen on our FACEBOOK page that we have added a new wine to the protfolio. Starting with the 2012 vintage, we have added a Chateauneuf-du-Pape red wine to our stable. This wine will be availble this summer (here in France) and by fall in the U.S. I am very excited to be able to produce this wine. It has been a part of the dream every since I arrived. I am happy with this first effort, and look forward to the future. On a personal note, this year was the year I was eligible to get a 10-year Carte de Sejour (residency permit). So I submitted the application…and lo and behold..they gave it to me. So now I am ‘street legal’ for 10 more years…….guess I’ll be staying for a while longer…… All for now..need to get to labeling the 2013 rose and the 2012 Ombre du Chateu. Busy, busy, busy.