Hi to All

Did the Open House thing again – this time for the 2009 red wine, last Saturday. It didn’t generate a great turn-out, but it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Even though I only had about 15-18 people stop by I sold about 20 boxes of wine – so worth the effort. Though I suspect i need to re-think the advertising of it. The direct mail to questionable clients (left over from Julien) wasn’t the lure I had hoped for.

In the vineyard, things are going great. We’ve had good weather for the last month (its in the 85-90 range again this week, for the third week straight..with more to follow. Haven’t seen any rain in the last month. So, I’ve been out plowing between rows of vines, and watering the new plants. With it being so hot…and me being ‘retired’..I find myself working for a couple of hours in the morning (9-12) and then a couple of hours in the late afternoon (4-7). Seems to be working so far.

That schedule does, however, interfere with my Driving License schooling. I have not been back to the class in a month or so, so I am way behind. Will try to pick that up again next week. I was just about to the point of being ready for the written exam…and now I’ve lost momentum…work work work……its always something!!!

On the WINE side, the latest is that I did get about 2500 bottles of the 2009 Cotes du Rhone red into bottles – no issues with the OIVR (the administration) over the quality this time – passed with flying colors!` So, with the Open House, I have that for sale here at the domaine. I have begun to send samples out to people to try…so I can generate some interest….we’ll see?!?!!?

The 2009 rose is still selling, slowly, here. The pallet I sent to Nobvle Wines is due to arrive in about 2 weeks – I will be sending out a notice in the “E-Newletter” as that gets closer…so wath for that !!

The 2008 red continues to not sell here, so I have set that aside for now and I am focusing on the 2009. In Seattle, Noble still has some 2008 left…SOOoooo


We need to make room for the 2009, by getting the 2008 out the door, so keep up the good work!!!!! I am hopeful that Noble will order some of the 2009 red (sent them samples to try)…but they are more likely if there cupboard is bare…………….

Other than that things are good. The Tour de France comes close-by again this year – next week – so I plan to go see it (I went and saw a stage (time trial) of the Duphine Libere last month here in Sorgues) – boy those guys really scoot. Not like me on my way to market!!!

Y’all be good out there.