Harvest T -1

Well – been here exactly a month and a half now, and thought it was time for an update, so here it is. I continue to be busy both in the vineyard/winery and in the house and yard….this week we started the remodeling of the bathroom (the works- including new tile floor) and kitchen ( new cabinets and countertop), and the guest bedroom – ” A Room with a View”.

The new crusher-destemmer that had arrived has been set up and is ready for use – and just in time.

September has come, and the grapes are getting ripe.

So much so that we will start harvesting tomoorow – picking the Cinsault that will be a part of the rosé for this year.

We had planned to start yesterday, but a thunderstorm blew in late Sunday night (3-4 am) and dropped a lot of rain. So we’ve given the vines a day to digest the water. Pickers will arrive firsth thing in the morning and we’ll pick about 3 tons of gqpes – destem and crush and then immediately press off the skins.
I’ll fill you in more after we get this first crush under ‘our’ belt.