I am on my way to Seattle for the holidays. A great chance to catch-up with friends and family.

No pictures to share, as the vineyard is sleeping. Just finished blending the 2009 CDR rouge Cuvee….its gonna be good !!! Its 100% grenache, with 20% barrel-aged for 13 months. I topped it off with the ‘normal’ 2009 to retain the fruit we’ve all come to love. Goes into bottles the first week of January, and releases in March/April. Will produce about 1500 bottles. Not a large amount but very special. (pssst..bringing samples to Seattle next week). Im going to name it “Ombre de Chateau” – shade of the castle – to reflect that it is every bit a Chateauneuf-du-Pape, just not in name.

Also put the finishing touches on the 2010 rose. This year’s wine will be Vin de Pays de Vaucluse instead of Cotes du Rhone. There was/is an issue over a part of the vineyard and its designation. We have not yet resolved the problem, so in the interim (this year and maybe longer) the rose will not be Cotes du Rhone. Still just as FABULOUS (even better than the 2009), but the name isn’t the same.

All for now .. need to pack. SO MANY presents for SO MANY people….3 bags full (good thing I have good premium status on United !!).

Be well and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!