August 9th, 2010

Great weekend in Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Spent all day Saturday and Sunday with a booth in the middle of the town, along with about 20 other wineries.

With my neighbors’ son helping (fluent in French, English, German and Belgian (the twirp), he was a great help to me when I would get stuck with my less-than-perfect French.

Lots of people, lots of sun, and we poured and sold lots of wine. Interestingly, the 2008 Red was more popular than the 2009. I think because it is a little more fruit-forward, and of course a year older, it was more appealing in the hot sun. Of course, the rose went over very well -clean and crisp – but we seemed to get as many repeat tasters (can you say ‘free aperitif’) as buyers!!

In addition to the sales, I was able to increase awareness of the domaine (lots of people took brochures and cards) and I made a few good contacts for future business, which is part of why I went. SO, all in all, a very successful outing!