August 30th, 2009

Hello Again…

More news from the south of France…..HARVEST !!!!

As I mentioned in my last posting, it looked as though harvest was going to be early. WELL I was certainly right about that…..WE ARE FINISHED ALREADY – – 2-3 WEEKS EARLY!!!

We started with a small crew (5 people) picking the rose grapes (cinsualt and grenache) on Thursday, the 21st of August, and finished on Friday the 22nd. Because it has been so hot in the afternoons, we only picked in the mornings (3 hours/day). That way the fruit came into the winery cool – which is perfect for making a rose.
The following week (last Tuesday – the 25th) we started with the bigger job of picking the red – which is really the balance of the grenache in the vineyard. We upped the crew size to 17 for the job, and started picking that morning. By working all day Tuesday, we were able to finish the vineyard by early afternoon on Wednesday the 26th – about 1/2 day quicker than I had planned – what a crew (as you can see) !!!!
It is tradition to share a brief repas after harvest….a min-celebration of finishing ‘vendange’. Needless to say, they all earned it. The juice is now burbling away turning into wine. The rose’s (the cinsault and grenache are fermenting separately) are nearly all done. And the reds (one cuvee of old vines and one of the rest) are coming along nicely. Harvest this year is going to be a bit larger than last…and the fruit quality is MUCH improved. I am excited to see what we can do with what we’ve grown…….we’ll see.

AS for sales…things have been slow recently. But I keep looking for the next opportunity to showcase the wine and get people to try it…not in a panic quite yet.

Which brings me to you-all. I know how you all are real excited about me ‘living the dream’ over here..and hope I am going to be successful…….if for no other reason than to have someone over here to come visit!!!

WELL – here’s your chance to help. As you know I sold a small amount of wine to Noble Wines, Ltd. of Seattle – a local distributor/importer. The wine is due to arrive in Seattle in the next 10 days, and should be available shortly thereafter in local wine shops. And that’s where you come in:
To make sure its a success – it needs to sell..which means the shops need BUYERS – like YOU!

So here’s what I want you to do:

First – -You go to your local wine shop and ask for the wine by name: Mas de la Lionne Cotes du Rhone” . Tell them you want to buy 2or 3 bottles – that way they will order a 6-pack (which is how it is being marketed). The more wine shops the better.

Next – – you each tell 2 friends to go and do the same…and then have them tell 2 friends…and have them tell 2 friends………well – you get the idea.

Before you know it, there will be a virtual run on the wine, and they will have to come back to me for more..and then I will be successful..and then I will still be here NEXT YEAR WHEN YOU WANT TO COME VISIT!!!

Like the guys in the Blue Diamond Almond and Bartels & James commercials used to say:


And I thank you for your support.

I think that’s it for now..I need to get back out into the winery and look after the juice.

Be good out there.