Hi All

Its been a busy month since my last report…Lots going on!

VINEYARD – The grapes are coming ripe very quickly – looks like its going to be a good harvest – fruit is nice and healthy..and plentiful this year.

As we did last year, we’ll pick the cinsault and a corresponding amount of grenache first – to make the rose (it gets picked, crushed and immediately pressed – then fermented as though it were a white wine…slow and cool.) Then come back about a week later and pick the rest of the vineyard – all grenache – to make both the Cotes du Rhone red as well as try again to make a special cuvee. As you remember, I only ended up with 1 barrel of the special cuvee from last year – I needed the rest to help the Cotes du Rhone.

Anyway – with the hot weather and lack of rain over the last month or so, its looking like we could start as early as before end of the month (more than a week early) – and finish about 10 days later.

WINE – Sales are going pretty well – I have sold all but about 8 cases of the rose (out of 75) and have been able to sell about 150 cases of the red here in France, and of, course I sold the 50 cases to Seattle. So its been a good start.

By the way – tell all your friends – the wine: ‘Mas de la Lionne 2008 Cotes du Rhone‘ is in Noble Wines, Ltd. catalog – so stores, etc. can start asking for it. The wine is due to arrive the first week of September – a mere 3 weeks from now.

Keeping with sales news, I think I mentioned that I was going to participate in the medieval fair in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, which occurred over last weekend (8-9 August). It was their 25th ‘Fete de Veraison’ – the celebration of the town founding in the 14th century.

Well I did it. I put up a stand, and set out my wares, and offered tastes and bottles…..and surprisingly I got a pretty good reception – for being the new guy on the block, and for not offering a Chateauneuf-du-Pape or Tavel of Gigondas (i.e. big name) wine. ( I know, I know…signage needs work – not enough of a draw- need banners…another lesson for next year!)

We poured about 50 bottles of wine (1/2 red and 1/2 rose) for tasting. And, with the help of my neighbors’ son Simon, we sold about 20 cases – also about 1/2 rose and 1/2 red.

MOST importantly – I got the name out to a very large audience – GREAT PUBLICITY!!

I think that’s it from here for now. Need to go start getting ready for vendange – lining up the people, checkout the equipment, get supplies (yeast, etc), clean barrels……its coming soon!

More once we get through vendange.

Be good out there.