I know, I know.  Its been like forever since I posted last.  Have you forgotten about me..?

Well, I’m back..and I promise to do better if you will stick with me.


If you have found your way here, then you have seen the new updated, improved website.  Pretty cool, huh?!?!

We thought it was time (way past?) to update it to change the focus on what the winery now is –  we are now a NEGOCIANT.  That means that instead of growing the fruit for the wine, we contract with other growers to buy either juice or grapes.  And then we finish the wine – aging, blending, filtering, bottling, etc. And then sell it.


The touring business is going even better than I anticipated.  Having been included in Rick Steves’ France book has really kicked it into a higher gear.  I had heard about the impact of being listed, but now I can vouch for the positive impact.

And the best thing about it is getting to meet a variety of nice folks.  Everyone who has joined me has been great – they are all interested in learning about the wine region, and visiting and tasting at various venues.  And while they all come at it from different perspectives – from real amateur to Executive Chef to confirmed collector – they all share the love if wine…so what’s not to like!


As you are probably aware, with the sale of the winery and the transition in winemaking, I did not produce any wine from the 2011 harvest (Isable bought that harvest along with the vineyard). So I have been without new wine for a bit, and I have been continuing to sell the stock of the 2010 Cotes du Rhone in the interim.  But I have jumped back into it again – starting with 2012.

I released the 2012 rose last Spring, and it has found a following.  Its a bit darker than years gone by, but has the same red fruit and bright citrus notes that make it a great wine-on-the-terrace wine.

Also, I just released the 2012 Cotes du Rhone red – just in time for the Fete de la Veraison in Chateauneuf-du-Pape last weekend – the picture below is the booth we had at this year’s fair.  It was my 5th year!!

The 2010 Ombre du Chateau (the old vine barrel aged cuvee) is now sold out.  Next up for that wine will be the 2012, which is currently resting in barrels in the winery.  I expect to release it in February or March next year.

And my thoughts begin to wander to other areas.  Should I make a Gigondas; or maybe a Chateauneuf-du-Pape??  With this new business, I have many choices.   I’ll need to decide soon so I can plan for the 2013 harvest.

So, I think that brings you up to date. I promise to be better about posting regularly.

Be well out there!